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Course Description

Grade 9 Course

Blocks 1 and 2 (September-December 2022)

An educational program that delivers immersive experiences primarily in the outdoors. The following courses will be covered:

v  English Language Arts 9

v  Social Studies 9

v  Physical Education 9

v  Outdoor Leadership 20L

(Credited High School Course)


Students will be travelling across the province, and community to attain a different educational experience not found within the four walls of a traditional classroom. Students will also gain confidence, responsibility and build skills that promote them becoming lifelong learners.



Examples of experiences include: 

        Hiking in Narrow Hills Prov. Park                   


       Canoeing in the Churchill River System

                                    Biking in the Nesbit Forest

 Cross Country Skiing in Anglin Prov. Park

                                              Winter Camping at Blue Mt. Park